Collaboration for everyone, everywhere


At Folkalist we want to make collaboration work for all. Combining our ideas, skills and resources to get projects off the ground and make them real.


Together we can break the barriers of traditional employment, social channels and institutions to liberate our human potential and change the world, in big ways or small.

Join us and stay informed

Empowered in a changing world


The world of work is changing fast – the gig economy, demise of the office, growing job dissatisfaction, threat of mass unemployment and automation.


Yet in the middle of all this there is a growing global population of independent, enterprising folk ready to put their ideas and skills to work, tackling the world’s biggest problems and getting things done.

Our platform


The go-to platform for the global community


Folkalist is building a platform that will revolutionise human collaboration on a global scale. A place where people are finally represented by what they really love to do and are good at. Where folk can connect with each other and work together to make their projects fly.

Turn it up!

What makes us different?

Folk first
and always

No advertising, no personal data sales, no corporate profiles, just folk following their passions and doing their thing.

Socially invested
and empowered

Investing big back into the member community, supporting game-changing projects and the folk that are working to make them real.

Folkalist is so much more than an app

A leading light in a new culture of creators and doers of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes.


Welcoming everyone with ideas and ambition, skills and vision. From seasoned entrepreneurs exploring epic concepts to individuals just doing their thing.

Folkalist backs humanity!


…all are welcome

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