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CEO & Co-founder

Ryan Board

creative_adventurer/ octopus_dad/ senior_producer/ museum_master/ experiential_designer/ dog_walker/ electronic_lover/ furniture_maker/

Design consultant, technical producer, and product designer with over 20 years of bringing teams together and ensuring their successes, Ryan is known for creating unconventional experiences for big brands, celebrated artists, and cultural giants including Microsoft, Nokia, Lenovo, the Design Museum, and Guggenheim. A serial doer, tinkerer, and business leader, Ryan’s life work centers on exploring the liberating power of collaboration. It was this pursuit that brought him to Barcelona with the goal of establishing a creative think tank to then leave amidst a pandemic with the idea of Folkalist; his 20-year relationship with fellow Folkalist and Co-Founder Igor Jocic makes Folkalist what it is today. Ryan’s is a fantastic example of the culture at Folkalist’s core, which is why he’s spearheading the vision to make it happen.

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