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Andrew Tapson

financial_guru/ loving_patriarch/ problem_solver/ international_triathlete/ success_enabler/ competitive_quizzer/ bbq_king/ globe_trotter/

A professionally qualified accountant and treasurer, Andrew Tapson (ACA, AMCT) established Perle in early 2019 after an international corporate career of some 30 years that took in roles and sectors as varied as they were interesting. Back in 2012, Andrew was appointed the CEO of ING Lease UK and tasked with leading a project to deliver the closure of the £3bn UK asset finance arm. This was successfully achieved in 2016, £10m under budget with minimal bad debt, complaints, and discounts. With a track record like this, we’re delighted to count Andrew as part of the Folkaist team. His work alongside founders to enable the success of early-stage growth businesses not only parallels Folkalist’s mission but also ensures our own success, too.

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