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Director of communications

Nicholas Echevarria

word_wizard/ crafty_coder/ gamer_geek/ music_maven/ linguistics_lover/ steady_scholar/ bjj_buff/ worldwide_rambler/

As a copywriter and coder, Nicholas has spent most of his 10+ year career dealing with all things syntax, words, and messaging. With experience working with clients like Ralph Lauren and Porsche China, Nicholas knows what makes a brand’s voice authentically itself and works to maintain the same for Folkalist in all its internal and external communications. In fact, a formative experience is a former collaboration with fellow Folkalist Ryan Clott, an experience he still learns from today.A global nomad based in sunny Bushwick, Brooklyn, he’s interested in all things linguistical, technological, progressive, and regenerative, which is why he’s such a big fan of the Folkalist vision!

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