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Folkalist is dedicated to making it easier for folk everywhere to collaborate. We’re on a journey to liberate human potential and find solutions to today’s biggest problems.

Yes, we’re still a startup on a mission. Yes, we’re busy developing our app and other big projects. But even more importantly, we’re a team of designers, thinkers and doers from around the world, passionate about making things happen. We know deep down that when folk come together, anything can be achieved. It’s what drives us and it’s why we’re focused on sparking a social impact that can truly liberate human potential.

Introducing the Folkalist app


We’re creating a tool anyone can use to publish their own projects, easily find other like-minded people from anywhere in the world, and collaborate to bring their vision to life.


The Folkalist app is an incubator in your pocket born from our ambition to democratise collaboration.

Everything we’re doing

The Folkalist App is just our first move. Check out all the innovative things we’re doing to bring Folkalist to dreamers, innovators, doers, and makers everywhere.

project boost master

Project Boost

Our initiative engaging 550 UK Innovation Hubs and their 8,000+ members to help make our platform as effective as possible and improve the innovation community.


The Summer of Folkalism

A new type of festival, celebration and magical mystery tour of liberated post-lockdown energy in the UK during Summer 2022.

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Folkalist is building great things, and we need your talent. Check out all the available opportunities below.

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