A game-changing platform


Bringing ideas and projects to life, together


Folkalist is the first place of its kind that enables folk to transform ideas into projects and find collaborators to bring them to life.

Who are you?

Folkalist wants to celebrate your interests, affinities, passions, drives, capabilities, skills, expertise and, of course, projects.


We’ll then suggest likeminded collaborators who are compatible with your profile and your project needs.







Find local projects and Folkalists


If you want to get involved in a local project or are looking for collaborators in a specific location, Folkalists can switch on geolocation in their profiles and projects so that they can be easily found on the map. Let’s remap the world based on what folk really want to do and care about.

Make projects
come alive


Folkalist projects are richly illustrated with images, sound recording and video. They are easy to create, edit, manage and share.

Create, share, collaborate…


As soon as a project is created it can be made visible to select contacts or the whole platform. Just like the profiles, Folkalist smartly matches projects with potential contributors, making recommendations and creating immediate opportunities to connect and start building teams.

…and promote


Use Folkalist’s publishing platform to post news and announcements about  a project to attract further collaborators, fans, funders and media attention.

Communication makes collaboration


Start video chatting, texting and voice messaging with your collaborators using Folkalist’s full set of communication features to keep conversations with your teams in one place.

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