A game-changing platform

The Folkalist app will be the first tool of its kind focused solely on connecting people to make things happen. It will enable folk everywhere to create, connect, and collaborate on projects big and small.

For all the world’s folk and their collaborators

We believe the more people are connected, the more opportunity there is for incredible things to happen. So, we’re designing the Folkalist App to celebrate your interests, affinities, passions, drives, skills, expertise and, of course, your projects. The app will intelligently use that information to connect you with collaborators that complement your profile and match your project needs. 









Find your folk wherever they are


The Folkalist app sports a geolocation feature to help you find collaborators and projects anywhere in the world. Let’s remap the world based on what folk love and care about doing.

Witness your projects come alive


Folkalist projects will be richly illustrated with videos, images, and sound. Plus, they’ll be easy to create, edit, manage and share to easily show off your vision.

Create, share, collaborate…


As soon as your project is created, set it visible to select contacts or to the entire platform. As with your own profile, the Folkalist app will use its smarts to match projects with potential collaborators, creating immediate opportunities to connect and start building teams.

…and shout from the rooftops!


The Folkalist app will feature space to advertise your project with posts, news, and announcements to attract other collaborators, fans, funders, and even media attention!

Collaborate like never before


The Folkalist app’s full suite of communication features will make collaboration easy. Start video chatting, texting, and voice messaging with your team right away — and all from one place.

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