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Product Manager

Sabina Müller

future_thinker/ artist_ally/ problem_solver/ language_geek/ project_master/ cloud_photographer/ nature_child/ accidental_gourmet/

An expert in all things project management, Sabina’s extensive experience comes from years working with creatives, startups, and established outfits to help turn their visions into reality. Her work with design agencies, art organisations and technology teams in London, Switzerland, and internationally is informed by her passion for concepts that challenge the status quo, inspired by her background in Art History, Curation, and Media Studies. Aided by her experience and perspective, Sabina has helped build Folkalist up to where it is today, having found her way here through previous work alongside CEO Ryan Board. When she’s not helping Folkalist create an engaging experience for folk everywhere, she can be found flying in the skies up above as a pilot — talk about perspective!

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