Project BOOST


An exciting, nationwide research project connecting Folkalist to the United Kingdom’s robust innovation community.

Innovation nation


We aim to explore and enable interconnectivity between the UK’s innovation hubs, their members, and innovators across the UK.

For centuries in the United Kingdom, it’s been our thing to innovate on a greater scale than most other nations. Today, that tradition continues to thrive within the UK’s vibrant innovation community, ranging from larger organisations to grassroots makers labs and innovation hubs.


However, it’s tough for members of this community to connect with each other and to other opportunities and resources — a problem that stretches far past these hubs and into underserved communities across the nation. 

Enter Project BOOST


Project BOOST is our initiative to engage the United Kingdom’s 550 Innovation Hubs and their 8,000+ members over a six-month period. Our goal is to optimise the Folkalist platform and make it available to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. We’ve noticed how lockdown has sparked creativity throughout the country: with this exponential rise in making things happen, Project BOOST will help set the stage for a global, collaborative space that helps bring all those projects to life.

We’ve done our homework

We’ve talked to some pretty big players across multiple spaces, including Newcastle University, Tech Nation, and Nesta (whose research inspired this project!), and each has communicated a need for our platform in today’s rapidly shifting world. We’re more than ready to make our entrance as impactful as possible.

Project BOOST will help enable interconnectivity between innovators and the hubs themselves, allowing us to improve the Folkalist platform as much as possible for as many people as possible, all to get us to our goal of democratising collaboration.

The end of the rainbow


Here are some of the outcomes we expect with Project BOOST:

Project BOOST helps Folkalist make a greater impact, faster to empower more people to do what they love.

We expect projects to address big challenges, such as the climate emergency.

The insight gained from Project BOOST’s extensive research will inform a report that explores how to optimise collaboration between innovators from diverse backgrounds — and may even influence legislation on social and collaborative platforms.

Partner organisations will benefit from the endorsement of an innovative project like Project BOOST, enjoying access to all our research to facilitate future projects.

Making our future happen together


We’ll shout it from the rooftops every chance we get: Folkalist is here at the right place and time. There’s going to be an incredible display of innovation out of the UK and to us, it’s all valuable. Folkalist will help guide and nurture everyone’s projects towards success, and Project BOOST will help us get there.

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