Empowered in a changing world

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. Yet, despite the historic challenges, there’s a growing global population of independent, enterprising folk ready to put their ideas, skills, and passions to work and even tackle the world’s biggest challenges.


Folkalist is deeply inspired by this energy and aim to be at the centre of the resulting paradigm shift. We want to nurture and support projects of all sizes from anyone in the world by enabling skills, resources, and perspectives to unite. In championing a people-first approach, we’re naturally inclusive and powerfully diverse, creating a greater possibility of once unimaginable outcomes. We think that, together, we can break down barriers to liberate human potential and change the world for the better.

Guiding us are our Five Pillars of Social Impact, aspects of society we strive to transform in bringing to life the collaborative, connective future we envision.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything we know and count on. Let’s take this opportunity to rebuild, restructure, and reinvigorate our communities by empowering everyone to make purposeful and productive connections through projects and collaboration. With its diverse, inclusive culture and intuitive, accessible design, Folkalist will provide anyone with an opportunity to contribute to the change and advancement of how we live, work and interact with each other and the environment.


The world of work is changing fast: the gig economy, the demise of the office, growing job dissatisfaction, the threat of automation — the list goes on. Yet, there is a growing global population of independent, enterprising folk ready to put their ideas and skills to work to tackle the world’s biggest problems and get things done. Let’s empower them to pursue more projects — more effectively and with greater success — together. When people do what they really love and excel at, we all benefit from great outcomes.

Mental health

We’re getting hit on all sides by work, politics, media, social and environmental pressures, leaving us increasingly dispirited and feeling powerless. With its purpose to encourage and facilitate meaningful and productive connections, Folkalist will provide a salve to the destructiveness and alienation of modern life. It will offer folk a rich outlet to meaningfully engage in what they love doing and share it through fulfilling relationships with collaborators.

Business and innovation development

Due to a lack of support, resources, and time, many people are forced into narrow paths of employment, and only a few break out of those constraints to pursue their own ideas and projects. Folkalist’s mission addresses this by providing an open, global project incubator to allow anyone to connect with supporters, collaborators, and resources in an organised, intelligent way, creating an exponentially greater number of opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Creative arts

Nurturing creativity and cultivating confidence in the arts and creative industries has been the holy grail of many public initiatives over the years, usually with significant but often limited success and slow progress. By encouraging an inclusive and diverse can-do culture, Folkalist will open doors for expression to an unlimited number of people, broadening the field for the arts and creative industries to drive the kind of innovation that either changes the world or inspires others to do so. 

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