The Summer of Folkalism


A new type of festival and celebration of liberated post-lockdown energy in the UK. The spirit of anything can happen punk and yes, at its best, a social incubator that can truly bend the world.

It’s time to celebrate our magic

As we ease out lockdown and head into a new world with the hope of reclaimed freedoms and the fresh promise of a new collective cultural breathing space, it’s clear this pent-up energy has to go somewhere. This especially applies to the creatives, artists and artisans who, as well as trying to stay mentally balanced and financially afloat, have also likely been busying themselves with 1-2 projects over the past year, seeking sufficient light of day to not only launch them but find the funds and collaborators to connect with.


Get into flow

Folk, who whilst they appreciate that the various technologies that have kept them interconnected during lockdown, at their core know that they can no longer be defined by online calls, directed by organisational clouds and informed by predictive cultural algorithms. Who know their project craves touch, feedback and connection of others. Physically felt, sensed, interacted with and touched rather than digitally disseminated.

We want to tap into that pent up energy and help launch the folk and their projects at boiling point via The Summer of Folkalism.

The freeform


The Summer of Folkalism will be a UK wide search for such Folk. From Margate to Manchester from Bristol to Glasgow, in the grand tradition of exploratory cultural pilgrimages (from say the Magical Mystery Tour to the Grateful Dead), our team are planning to take to the road in our very own magic bus. In doing so, we’re hoping to uncover, discover and document this unique cultural inflection point via capturing and recording the ‘Freeforms’ of anyone desperate to liberate themselves from this collective claustrophobia.

Stay tuned as more about this and everything we’re doing this summer is revealed!

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